Study Opportunities

Taking an Education Course is a big investment in your future, and you’ll want to be sure that you’re choosing the right institution where you can receive quality education to turn yourself into a human resource endowed with integrity and patriotic zeal. And Mohammadpur Model School and College is the right place for you where opportunities are offered to meet the demand of the students.

1. Imparting education & co-curricular activities according to academic calendar:

On the basis of one years’ Board/NTCB Syllabus each academic year is divided into two Terms according to academic calendar. Chapters according to the scheduled number of classes in each term are under term based planning. All the exams, co-curricular activities & other programs are conducted according to academic calendar.

2. Study Plan:

Each class is conducted substantively and appropriately according to predetermined study plan. Study plan contains the subject matter, method of imparting lesson and evaluation to be done by the teachers during the class period.

3. Lecture Sheet:

If necessary, as per the syllabus of the students lecture sheets on the particular lessons are provided to the students.

4. Standard Notes:

Standard notes to help students get A+ will be given to the students. Students will take final preparation for their exams utilizing their creative merit along with these notes.

5. Suggestion and Solution:

Dependable suggestions are prepared with surity of getting 100% common questions in each subject before the final examination and at the same time the students will be made ready providing computerized ‘Suggestions and Solutions’ to enable them to cut good figures in the examinations.

6. Special Class/Extra Class:

As an alternative to private coaching arrangements for special classes will be made for comparatively weak and less meritorious students during additional hours outside regular class time under the direct and intensive supervision of teachers.

7. Audio-Visual Education System:

Besides conventional lecture system, students are provided education by means of projector. Computer, CD, VCD and through other modern technology. Because of diversified system of giving education, learning becomes enjoyable and attractive. This also enables the weak and the inattentive students to gain knowledge easily on the subjects of study. And thus education gained becomes everlasting and fruitful.

8. Arrangement of Alternative Classes:

If the regular class cannot be held for hartal, blockade and natural calamities, alternative classes are held on the next available holiday.

9. Practical Class:

Practical lessons are given to the students in the well –equipped laboratories so that they can efficiently utilize their theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom in their practical life and thus can make it more effective. In this process education gets practical form.Mohammadpur Model School & College is committed to ensuring education of global standard with modern technology.

10. Class Teachers and Guide Teachers:

There is a class teacher for each class. Under the class teachers there will be one guide teacher for every ten students. Teachers always supervise the students and give a quick solution to any problem faced by the students.