edu sec sohrab sirWhen we first formed Mohammadpur Model School & College, we had a vision to bring the finest of education to the people of Bangladesh. Since then we have crossed a very long way. However, we are not ready to rest on the past successes. Instead we have new and ambitious plans to enhance the opportunities for Bangladeshi students in the international arena. As technology shrinks the world we live in, our young people must be equipped with far more than just bookish knowledge. They require exposure to the very best learning available to ensure that in years to come they will form the intellectual elite of our country – the leaders who will shape its future destiny. To ensure a genuinely international perspective, we have assembled a team of educators with vast experience from far and wide. They bring their broad global perspectives and combine them with local expertise to produce a level and quality of education that is uniquely molded to the needs and requirements of the children of Bangladesh.

Md Sohrab Hossain
The secretary, Ministry of Education, People’s Republic of Bangladesh.