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Mohammadpur Model School & College is one of the famous institutes in Bangladesh. It is a center of quality education. The college is affiliated with the Directorate of Primary Education & Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, Dhaka and directly administered by the Ministry of Education, Bangladesh. Mohammadpur Model School & College offers the quality and stability of one of the nation’s most accomplished colleges. We have a proud tradition of academic excellence, with significant number of famous scholars. There is a glorious history of the bright future of former students of this college. Many of them have completed their higher education from well-known and desirable institutes situated at home and abroad. So, Mohammadpur Model School & College is not only a college but it may also be a bridge of your life to be a valuable asset for the nation. We invite you to connect with us and visit us on campus so that we can show you how Mohammadpur Model School & College is a place where you can challenge yourself and achieve your goals.